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Webroot activate: Steps to download and install webroot antivirus

Download Webroot
Webroot activate can be initiated through a setup file or from a webroot antivirus Disk.

Run Setup
The next step is to run webroot setup on your computer.

Webroot Key
The final step is to insert webroot key once prompted by the antivirus. On successful insertion webroot antivirus will get activated.

webroot activate for new keycodeWebroot Activate: Pre-installation Tips

Webroot activate could be a tedious task sometimes due to minor issues that are encountered while installing the Webroot antivirus software.
Note: To deal with this issue we recommend you to use webroot safe install for proper activation of your software.

Few things to be kept in mind while activating the copy of your webroot antivirus software :

Fast and reliable
internet connection

A good and stable internet connection is important while activating the copy of your antivirus. An unstable internet connection can cause problems with installation.

latest version of
the operating system

Make sure you have the latest version of your operating system. Besides that, all the required security updates and patches should also be installed on your computer.

Remove other versions of antiviruses installed

Above all, If you have any other outdated version of antivirus installed on your computer most importantly antiviruses such as Kaspersky or TrendMicro, completely remove them first. As they can slow down your system speed and can also cause problems while activating the Webroot antivirus.

Disk space on your

Before installing webroot make sure you have enough disk space available on your computer. Less disk space available from the recommended requirement can result in the unsuccessful installation of antivirus.

Further Steps to follow once you have successfully followed the pre-installation steps.


The first step is to download the latest version of Webroot antivirus software.

Run the downloaded setup file for
Webroot activate

The second step is to run the downloaded setup
on your computer.

keep your License key

Once the setup is ready to proceed with the required installation, It will then ask you for your license key. Make sure your license key is handy with you.

Congrats!! Your latest copy of webroot antivirus is now finally installed on your computer. Now you no more have to worry about the unwanted threats and can use your system with peace.


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